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Automatic Door Closers- Protect Your Spaces

automatic door closers

The door closer is used everywhere and is responsible for the automatic closing of doors. Being a mechanical device, it helps to significantly increase the service life of door hinges, since thanks to the closer, they account for much less load. Also, door closers are always mounted on all doors equipped with an access control system to ensure their tight closure.

It is imperative to choose and mount the closer, following all the requirements of the manufacturer. The type of closer required depends on the severity of the door, its width, and room temperature.

Violation of the recommendations can lead to immediate damage to the closer. So, due to the use of a flimsy model on a massive and wide door, hinges wear out and using a closer for internal doors on the street, that is, at cold temperatures, will be inappropriate, since the seals are from cold weather may be damaged, and oil leaks will begin.

Choosing an Automatic Door Closers, it is necessary to be guided by the moment of inertia, which depends not only on the mass of the door but also on its width.

Types Of Closers:

There are several types of different door closer systems that differ from each other in the way they transmit torque. Most often, a classic door closer with a lever (articulated rod) is used, which transmits torque using a folding lever.

The advantages of such a system include its versatility and reliability, as well as an affordable price. It is not without its drawbacks – the protruding lever does not look too aesthetically pleasing, and it is not difficult to damage such a system if, for example, you grab the lever and pull it with force.

A more advanced Automatic Door Closers uses a sliding channel, along which the free end of the lever moves, transmitting torque to the door. Such systems do not protrude and are vulnerable to intentional damage to such systems, but it requires a more considerable effort to open the door. However, when using cam technology, this drawback is leveled, since the force can be changed by changing the shape of the cam. Also, an electromagnetic lock can be placed inside the channel.

There are also floor Automatic Door Closers. They are mounted directly on the floor and are not conspicuous. This type of system is compact, easy to use, and safe, but has a higher cost than a linkage system.

Automatic Door Closers are mounted in different ways, depending on the model and the goals pursued. The installation of door closers can be carried out both superficially and internally. In the latter case, options are possible – the closer can be placed both in the door itself and in the door frame or on the floor. They are completely safe for houses and offices. Installation of these locks is also effortless.

The internal mechanism of a door closer also depends on its type. The spring mechanism was once the most common. Still, nowadays, it is almost out of use, since the spring, with all its reliability and wears resistance, is not able to take into account and compensate for the change in torque during the door opening.

Often there are models of door closers using a rail and gear. This technology transfers the rack and pinion moment from a gear rack mechanically and is based on the use of a hydraulic circuit. It is prevalent, but, unfortunately, cannot be used in systems with a sliding channel without loss of efficiency. Nevertheless, in lever closers, this design is used everywhere, since, with such a closer, the door moves smoothly throughout the range and is pressed with considerable force at the moment the lock is closed and latched.

The cam design can also be called modern. It is used both in floor closers and in the doors located at the top. Torque directly depends on the shape of the cam, which is the transmission link between the spindle and the elastic element. The cam design makes the use of a door equipped with such a closer not only convenient, but also safe, and at the same time differs in significant efficiency.

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