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Electric Strike Locks- The Safest Method of Locking

electric strike locks

An Electric Strike Locks system not only provides greater security to the house. But it can also be useful for any space we want to protect, be it an office, an establishment, or any other area in which we want to prevent access to certain people.

One of the most common security aspects, whether in the home or professional environment, is the type of lock used by the entrance door. Throughout history, locks have always evolved with the premise of more excellent safety and comfort, until reaching the most current breakthrough: the Electric Strike Locks.

Protecting the family and property is a primary task. Having quality security in the house is possible thanks to the new advances in the matter: the Electric Strike Locks, whose advantages are essential compared to other types of closures that can be installed in the home.

Depending on the operating needs, there are different types of electric locks:

⦁ Standard: In this case, the lock remains locked for the entire time until the coil is activated, which, utilizing electric current, can open the door.
⦁ Reverse: Otherwise, the door remains open for the entire time except at the moment when the coil is activated, which closes the door using electric current.s

Operation Of Electric Locks:

The electric locks can identify the entrances and exits of the users, in addition to programming permits and restrictions for specific people and also by schedules. We advise you that, when establishing security codes, you have one to exit and another to enter so that you will increase the protection of the home.

When we close the door, a very safe and resistant mechanical lock against tort is automatically performed. The complete model allows the door latch to be locked using a programming system. To install an Electric Strike Locks, we will need an electric supply generator.

We can also find another type of cheaper electric locks since they only need batteries — these work through sheets and electronic plywood.

How Does An Electric Strike Locks Work?

This type of locks has an electromagnetic operation with locking doors and openings, which manages to strengthen the lock importantly. If we compare them with conventional locks, the Electric Strike Locks identifies the users that are desired, maintaining to audit all their actions, creating records of income and exits of the area that is chosen. Besides, various permits or restrictions can be programmed for people at certain times.

The opening can close through an automatic lock, completely safe and effective, resistant to possible problems. The most complete is the one that closes using electromagnets, achieving a perfect door closure thanks to predetermined programming.

Of course, the entire system depends on electricity, so if the power fails you, it is convenient that you have an emergency electric generator, which is usually included in the installation of this type of lock.

Currently, there are several types of digital locks that provide excellent security. These are the most important with which you can protect your home:

⦁ Separate and double output encrypted keyboard with backup if there is no electric current.
⦁ Rain resistant keyboard.
⦁ Box with electronic keys.
⦁ Coded keyboard with lighting and double output and with a copy if there are power failures.
⦁ Keyboard resistant to street vandalism.
⦁ Keyboard with proximity reader.

Main Advantages Of The Electric Strike Locks:

Although electric locks tend to be more expensive, they are the most versatile and amortizable. They provide added value to housing, but in turn, also give security and tranquillity. If you want this type of closures for factories, it is advisable to have advice, since electro-locks for homes are usually cheaper and others. However, they always have the best guarantee of safety and functionality.

Another significant benefit is that each point of the door panel can be activated with a key, doubling the security. You can also modify the definition of security every little time, avoiding the loss or forgetting of systems or decoding by intruders.

The significant advantages of installing an Electric Strike Locks are safety and comfort. On the one hand, electric locks are much safer than conventional ones and also allow access to control much more efficiently than conventional ones.

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