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Magnetic Door Locks– Make Your Space Secure

magnetic door locks

Modern interior doors, in most cases, are equipped with standard mechanical locks, which lose their functionality during constant active use. They were replaced by magnetic models that are not amenable to the negative effects of external factors.

Magnetic locks for interior door systems have certain advantages. Advantages of magnetic locks for interior doors In the course of work, do not make noise. If there is a need for repair, they are easy to repair, thanks to the standard design. It is difficult to damage magnetic locks in modern interior doors, due to their strength and reliability.

Suitable for installation on the left- or right-handed model. With the door open, the tongue is hidden, which improves the aesthetic appearance of the structure, allows you to make it almost invisible. Easy to install thanks to its simple design.

If you buy a Magnetic Door Locks, the door will function without failure for a long time. Due to the use of plastic in the manufacturing process, the products are not susceptible to moisture, and corrosion is excluded. You can buy original internal interior door structures from the manufacturer with magnetic locks at an affordable cost.

The price of the latter is not much more than ordinary mechanical ones. Features of magnetic locks for interior doors from the manufacturer Magnetic Door Locks are created for internal door structures from the manufacturer using high-quality, durable materials, and they withstand any load.

Due to the presence of a magnet, they function as correctly as possible. Any difficulties during their operation are excluded. During operation, they are practically not contaminated, do not require additional maintenance, cleaning.

Doors in the house are a significant part of the decor. This is not only a functional element but also a decoration that gives the interior completeness and personality. But the doors must close. If you are looking for beautiful, practical, and reliable locks, pay attention to the novelty – Magnetic Door Locks and latches.

Magnetic Door Locks: Types And Advantages

We are talking about Magnetic Door Locks for interior doors, and not about door locks. This is important because they are designed differently. So, Magnetic Door Locks work due to the magnetic field, which generates a permanent magnet.

As you know, metal is attracted to magnets. It is due to this that the magnetic latch works: there are a magnet and a metal plate. They are fixed on the jamb and at the end of the door leaf. When the doors are closed, they come closer, attracted. Thus, magnetic latches work, but they are different – active and passive.

Magnetic handles are comfortable and make little noise.

Passive Magnetic Door Locks and Latch:

Everyone knows furniture magnets for fixing doors – these are passive magnetic latches. In the simplest version of furniture, they are one or two magnet plates in a small plastic case. This case is mounted on the furniture in the right place.
The second part- a metal plate is fixed on the doors. We close the doors, the magnet attracts the plate and holds it. Due to this, they do not open.

Passive Magnetic Latches For Furniture And Interior Doors:

This type of furniture magnets is familiar to everyone, and the principle of operation is understandable. There is an option of magnetic latches for compartment doors. They are put in the closets. Handles, in this case, are made mortise, so that they do not interfere with moving them.

Magnetic Door Locks Latches For Sliding Wardrobes:

There are the same passive magnetic latches and larger sizes. They can already be used for interior, balcony doors. The same, but in a different design, sometimes put on the entrance, but not as a lock, but rather as a closer. This is especially true for glass doors, on which ordinary closers are difficult to install.

For interior doors, the passive version of the magnetic latch is not very convenient. Nevertheless, we are accustomed to the door leaf fixed in a locked state. And fixation due to attraction is not too reliable.

Even a draft can open the wings. Therefore, they came up with another type of magnetic latches- with a bolt. When they put a Magnetic Door Locks on the interior door, a magnet is inserted into the door jamb, and an overlay with a crossbar (a retractable lock, tongue) crashes into the casement.

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