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Profile Cylinder Locks – A fully Secure Lock for Your Space

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According to data in reports collected by various law enforcement agencies, robberies are carried out by attacking the front door. Which is a percentage that can reach 90% in urban areas because it is more difficult to use other access for thieves on the upper floors of the building?

In recent years, Profile Cylinder Locks have often been increasingly extended to replace different types of locks that require maximum security at the front door of the house. Why is that?

The most popular means of blocking modern houses and commercial buildings today is a cylinder lock. Its popularity is not only among locksmiths but also with door manufacturers. So how versatile are these locks?

The cylinder can be changed without altering the entire system; this is one of the main advantages of these locks. This makes them accessible. Removing the cylinder only requires loosening a set screw; after this, it will slide without extra effort.

The other great benefit of cylinder locks is that you can use the same key with different cylinders. This is very useful and advantageous for buildings that have multiple offices since a master key system can be implemented.

What Is The Master Key System?

The master key system is a variation of the cylinder lock. The system allows the lock to open with two or more different keys. Office buildings, hotels, and storage units will benefit from a versatile method of master keys, as it is perfect for use in commercial buildings.

1. It Is Harder To Open Skilfully Than Conventional Double Pallet Locks:

The Profile Cylinder Lock has been extended in recent years and cannot be opened with the tool “Bulgarian Selection,” which makes the traditional double blade locks very vulnerable. Naturally, many old double pallet locks have been replaced by modern European profile cylinder locks.

Furthermore, always concerning double paddle lock, the profile cylinder lock has a narrower crack for the insertion of the key; it becomes more difficult to maneuver by inserting the unlocked equipment.

As you can see, Profile Cylinder Locks are vulnerable to other intelligent opening techniques, such as lock selection and impact keys, and there are also effective measures.

2. Strong Resistance To Brute Force Attacks:

In recent years we have seen very mechanically resistant cylinders equipped with drill proof pins and tear-proof reinforcements.

3. It Is Very Compact:

Compared to other types of locks such as double pallets, the Profile Cylinder Lock can be reduced in size and is suitable for use in narrow spaces such as glass door frames and windows, aluminum profiles on security doors.

4. Available In A Wide Range Of Sizes And Models:

Profile Cylinder Locks are available in a variety of lengths and variants so that they can be adapted to virtually any need. Even if the key is inserted on both sides, you can choose from the safest and most economical key that can open on one side, whether or not the key is inserted into the other, with or without the oldest key or internal knob.

5. Can Be Integrated Into Lock And Interchangeable:

A Profile Cylinder Lock is a system consisting of two parts: a lock itself, a mechanism with latches and bolts, and a cylinder that orders it. This method allows you to change only cylinders or locks, such as when a single part malfunctions or mounts another top category, if necessary.

6. Allow Key System:

With Profile Cylinder Lock, you can create an advantageous central system:
Neighboring communities, such as the central cylinder system (each lock is opened by the key itself that opens a standard lock).

Hotels, offices, warehouses, and communities (each lock is opened by the same master key, each with its core), or it’s key. The general master key and group master key system (the system on which each lock is opened), A locked group is opened with the same group master key, and all locks are opened with the general master key).

7. You Can Control Essential Replication.

In addition to being smaller and more practical, profile cylinder lock wrenches tend to be more difficult to duplicate than double blade wrenches. This is because you need to copy the height of the teeth as well as use the same key profile. There are many patented profiles, which are replicated only by authorized centers, and only when property cards are presented.

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